Wednesday, November 12, 2014

a bow tie diy for your little guy

don't you just love titles that rhyme?

if i could i would do it all the time.

usually my titles are just blah...



i planned on writing about this earlier, but you

this week we are nursing a sick baby :( a visit to the pediatrician yesterday told us we have an ear infection and...wheezing?

despite a call to the nurse after i got home, i'm still not totally sure how you get wheezing. but we are on meds for both things now, so hopefully things clear up soon before i burn a hole in the nasal aspirator from over use.

today i want to show you this super simple, and super cute, bow tie i made for rhett-man.

you'll have to excuse the state of the tie as it is coated in drool/spit up/applesauce/puffs and i didn't dry clean it before this picture was taken...oopsies. :)

but now, let me digress...

this summer, our family suffered a huge and unexpected loss when matt's grandpa jim passed away suddenly. he was a staple in our small farming community and never missed the opportunity to drink coffee, tell stories, and visit with the staff at the elevator/coffee shop/bank/farm office.

grandpa jim never knew a stranger, and with a nickname like loudspeaker, everyone knew him too. he had a giant personality and held such a large presence in the family that this past harvest felt strange without him here parked alongside the road supervising the work being done. he was so loved and is sorely missed.

when we had rhett baptized in september, it felt wrong to know that grandpa jim couldn't be there, but i knew his spirit would be.

and i wanted to focus on that.

so i made a bow tie for rhett out of the last tie that grandpa jim wore. so a piece of him would be there at the baptism too.

when we found out we were having a boy, of course i fired up the 'ol pinterest account and started pinning little boy stuff away. this adorable bow tie diy from how does she? caught my attention right away because the pictures looked so sharp.  obviously, at the time, i didn't know i would be using this diy to remember grandpa jim, but i planned do it "someday".

when i wanted something dressier for rhett to wear for the baptism, i knew this would be the ticket.

never mind that both my children pose for pictures like they are muppets...just focus on the bow tie.

even if you have zero ability in the craft department, i promise you, YOU. CAN. DO. THIS. no sewing machine required.

the hardest part was having the confidence to cut up grandpa's tie.

all you need is a tie, matching ribbon and thread, and a small amount of velcro. heck, you could even glue the velcro on.

you can find the instructions here.

i think that this was such a great way to remember grandpa that rhett will be wearing this to thanksgiving (and maybe christmas too).

you could even skip the ribbon part and glue it onto a headband if you have a girl.

happy crafting!!!

Friday, November 7, 2014

three things


three blogs in one week.

mind. BLOWN.


#1:  i would like to thank the internet and all the people who are creative enough to do things like this:

it was like the song and the video were made for each other in internet heaven.  this song has been stuck in my head for weeks and i find myself shaking it off to various household chores.

i find it goes best with doing dishes.

#2: i have survived without a coffee maker for a month. A MONTH. my keurig stopped sucking up water which, long story short, means no coffee. no coffee = no happy. and in the most overused, but still effective, statement ever, ain't nobody got time fo' dat.

thankfully, my sweet mother had a billion k cup points since she orders coffee from the keurig website and she helped me get a new brewer for HALF OFF. it finally arrived on wednesday and i couldn't be happier, especially considering i have a baby boy who is fighting a rotten cold.

go coffee!

#3: here's a funny teagan conversation:

as we are up in teagan's playset clubhouse on a beautiful fall afternoon:

t: hey, mom. do you want to play rockmarryin?

m: sure. what's rockmarryin?

t: (pulls rock from jacket pocket) this is rocky. let's get down and find him a pretty girl rock so they can get married.

(ten minutes and 15 failed rock dates later)

t: mom, you be rocky, i'm elsa, and dora (the cat) can be the marryin person.

it was a very nice ceremony and although they didn't r.s.v.p. or bring a gift, you'll be glad to know rocky's cousins made it in time for the "dance party".

happy friday :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

likes and don't likes.

this morning, as i am braiding teagan's hair for preschool (one of the many new developments around here), she said:

"do you want to know what i like mom?"

me: "sure, sweets. what is it?"

t: "cute things, cute cats, cute dogs, ponies, furry animals, unicorns, piƱatas, rainbows, sunsets with pink in them, pink things, my baby brother, princesses, jesus, chocolate, dad, and you being my mommy."

me: "that's a really good list!"

t: "yeah. (long pause) i don't like black birds, black cats, hairy things, monsters, spiders, things that give me the freak outs, and broccoli."

happy tuesday :)

Monday, November 3, 2014

who needs a title?

hey there everyone!

are you enjoying your extra hour of monday?

i am :)

even though it was dark at 4:45 and it's monday i'm pretty much having a little party over here because dark = bedtime.

for me, there is no argument about whether the time change is good or bad or otherwise. i'm just glad number one can't tell time yet, because currently, it doesn't matter if it's daylight savings time, fall back, or my little pony dance party time. the time is whatever time mom says it is.

i like it a lot.

this "break" i've had from blogging has been both good and bad for me.

bad because there has been A LOT of new developments in the w.h.o.t.p. lately. too much to simply fill you in on in one post written at 9 p.m. on a monday. the purpose of this blog is MOSTLY for my benefit of documenting our lives and writing about things as they happen, which is hard to do when you have a giant time gap in your blogging schedule.

but, the break has also been good because it's let me get my whole type-a, two kids, dirty house, hormonally-charged, harvest-widow, life back in check and i can now blog safely without (much) mention of how i'm slowly losing my mind.

did you see this morning that savannah guthrie returned to the today show after her maternity leave?...


ok. well she made mention that she is having a hard time with mommy brain and can't think of the correct word for various objects and all i thought was "YES. i. am. not. umm...what's the word...solitary? solitare? oh. alone. the word i am searching for is alone. good one brain. let's celebrate with some coffee."

so eventually i'll get around to some more of the big events from this summer/fall/early winter, but for now, know that life 'round here is as exciting as ever.

here's a recap from today: we (and by "we" i mean matt and my father-in law) caught and released a bird that had found it's way down our chimney (yay! i had my money on squirrel and was envisioning a squirrel attack a la christmas vacation), i cleaned and organized the garage (i am woman, hear me roar), and basically had to drag a terrified cat, claws and all, 1/4 mile back home from our walk (not awesome).

AND, i discovered i wasn't wearing my jawbone band at 4:35 p.m. so my phone says i took 2,435 steps when really i took 10,000 today. ugh.

probably took 10,000 i mean.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

i always thought it was a myth

you guys...

it's happening right now.

both children napping...


let us take a moment for that to sink in.

as i sit here i should tell you that i've been trying for this moment for four months, and i've always kind of assumed that it would never happen (and granted we are only about 3 minutes into this nap time win), but here we are.

TWO kids...sleeping.

me...blogging with a caffeinated beverage in hand.

today the Lord has blessed this house with a good day.

and can we also take a moment to give thanks to the person who invented video monitors?!

blessed is thou who gave a moment's peace to mothers everywhere.  thanks be to video monitors with talk back options.

seriously though, if the person who invented this marvelous creation ever reads this blog, just know that i am hugging you through the monitor right now...


last week we had a murray cousins sleepover at our house (teagan's first big one here) and i hid the video monitor in teagan's room.  that way, if someone got scared or needed to use the potty, i could see what's going on with the monitor and then dart upstairs and help out before a melt down occurred.

well, you'll be interested to know that there wasn't one whisper of a melt down, but i pretty much stayed up all night watching the girls do sleep aerobics all over the floor.

it was both tiresome and entertaining.

please enjoy this crudely made graphic to help you visualize the sleepover between the hours of 1 and 5 a.m.

1 a.m. - snoozeville.  population 4.

2 a.m. - the synchronized flip flop.

3 a.m. - the letter h.

4 a.m. - tetris.

5 a.m. - the best night's sleep ever!  let's eat donuts!

i'll leave out the graphics depicting teagan's actions from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. nap time.

let's just say some one was a wee bit cwanky.

you might also note that one of the sleeping bag people did not move all night.

this is the difference between 8 year olds and 3 year olds.

all in all the sleepover was a success, other than a failed-home-made-cracker-jack-attempt-almost-turned-ruined-popcorn-pot by yours truly.

i won't put the recipe on here until i manage to make it without almost burning down my house, but my aunt marsha used to make cracker jack for all of our newell/strom cousin sleepovers and i wanted to continue the tradition for our newell/murray/kesler cousins.

just know that it is REALLY good...when you get it right.

well, i'd love to stay and chat a while longer, but i've already been blogging for an hour and i have some dvr'd episodes of the pioneer woman that i'd like to catch up on...without kids asking to watch curious george :)

have a happy tuesday!!

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